As you may have gathered, I coach regular people towards success in physique competitions. It all began back at a primary school swimming carnival; when I realised I was too embarrassed and ashamed of my body to take off my rash vest.

I had my share of disordered eating as a kid – at 10 years old, I remember looking at myself and hating my ‘man boobs’. I would refuse to eat breakfast… lunch… dinner… in hopes to lose my ‘baby fat’ and look like the other kids. I started exercising… LOTS. 3-4 hours of riding my bike every day, desperately wanting to fit in with the skinny kids at school. At 14, I discovered bodybuilding.

I threw my body image issues right into the sport that fuelled it most. I trained for 4 years for my first show, punishing myself daily with excessive exercise and starvation. After stepping on stage at a whopping 57kg and getting smoked, I knew there had to be a smarter way.

Over the next 10 years I kept training, dieting & competing. Fully entrenched in the ‘lifestyle’, I educated myself on how to achieve balance in my life. How to succeed without obsession, and how to actually look in the mirror and smile at my body. My goal today, is to pass these lessons onto all those who resonate with my story.

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