Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition

Is the course self-paced, and how many hours do I need to study?

The course is self-paced throughout the week however it follows a completion structure timeline. This means that you can study when you are available throughout the week but need to ensure you are submitting assessments in their respective due weeks. 6-8 hours per week of study is sufficient to complete the program. This includes watching the lecture content and reading texts and studies.

Is the course delivered online?

Yes, the course is fully online with over 15 hours of lecture content for you to view, and other practise exams & case study assignments to work on.

Is any prior study required for this program

No, but if you have not attended a sports science university program then additional texts and units are required so that you understand the basic applied sciences.

Will I be covered for writing nutritional programs for clients when I complete this?

Yes, upon completion you will be eligible to register as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist (see registration section of FAQ for further information) as a registered Accredited Sports Nutritionist you are now eligible to insure for Sports Nutrition Programming.

Insurance & Registration

Can I call myself a Sports Nutritionist without being registered?

The short answer is no. Sports Nutritionist (processing), and Accredited Sports Nutritionist is a protected term that in a professional setting carry with them defined liability and responsibility for best practise and duty of care.

What are the benefits of being registered?

Additional member area access on the sports nutrition association website which includes; risk screening tools, EA and nutritional calculators, discount to recommended programs & resources, Annual CPD (continuing professional development) which is conducted by the Association for the members, and certificate course content updates/refreshers, discount to the Sports Nutrition United States events, and most importantly eligibility to Register and Insure as a Sports Nutritionist.

How much does registration cost?

Registration as a Sports Nutritionist is $399USD/year paid either upfront or in monthly instalments.

What do I need to do to maintain my registration?

Annual CPD (delivered in October), and practise in line with the body’s Practising Standards and Scope Documents.

What happens if my registration lapses?

If it lapses for up to 0-6 months simply paying the outstanding balance and updating the body and insurer of any relevant information is all that is required. For any period greater than 6-months a mandatory refresher course of $899 (smaller than the certificate) is required to be completed prior to being eligible to renew. This ensures that you are practising with all relevant principles and standards in line with the body’s current stances.

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