Sports Nutrition Australia is the registered governing body for Sports Nutrition Practises in Australia.

It also provides education and recognised certification for Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, Strength Coaches & Exercise scientists looking to add Sports Supplementation & Nutrition programming to their insured scope of practise. Sports Nutrition Australia courses include workshops tailored towards upskilling Personal Trainers.  An online client management program tailored towards Coaches, Trainers and Businesses is also included with registration, allowing access and utilisation of a Dietitian and Specialist medical network for client referral.

Bridging the gap between the current health and fitness industry and Dietitians, Sports Nutrition Australia, allows a seamless and streamlined approach to providing clients and members with the best of Sports Nutrition programming, body composition results, Coach/Trainer support, and actual industry compliant qualifications & insurance.

Sports Nutrition Australia levels of accreditation are outlined below, the certificate enables Provisional Accreditation for 2 years after completing the program, whereby they must enrol in either the Graduate Diploma or another Relevant** Exercise Physiology or Specialist Dietetics program. Members who already hold a degree in this are exempt and receive full accreditation immediately.

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