Want to get better results with your clients through nutrition guidance, without getting formally qualified? Learn how to apply various non-tracking nutrition strategies to expand your ‘practitioner’s toolbox’, facilitating a more adaptable and bespoke service. Understand the basic mechanics of eating for total health, and how to apply them to a lifestyle in a feasible way.
Intake commencing Friday the 10th of September 2021 (intakes running quarterly) 

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A short and simple course, that’s delivered 100% online, created for anyone looking to better understand the fundamental what’s, why’s and practical how-to’s behind healthful eating for weight management and flourishing health.

This course is designed to build your nutrition foundations


Understanding the core role of the health professional in the context of nutrition.

Basic Theory

Understand what ‘health’, and ‘healthy eating’ really means.

Australian Dietary Guidelines

Understand the basic mechanics of the Australian Dietary Guidelines.


Learn how to practically apply the principles of healthy eating to your own or clients’ lifestyle in a feasible, non-abrasive and safe way.

About the course

This is a short and simple, 100% online course created for anyone looking to understand more about the real-world practical how’s, behind nutrition interventions that promote total health inclusive of weight loss.

Whether you’re merely interested in nutrition, a PT or qualified nutrition professional, this course will help you improve your own diet, or guide those whom you work with to more desirable outcomes.

Not every PT and fitness professional is interested in getting qualified in nutrition. Contrary to popular belief, when a client asks their PT for help with their nutrition, a PT can offer guidance, within a limited scope. They don’t always need to refer out.

The course essentially converts the framework of the Australian Dietary guidelines into a set of practical strategies that a PT, not qualified in nutrition can use with their clients to achieve better results. All of which is with in scope of practice.

For the qualified nutrition professionals out there, macro tracking and writing meal plans will only get you so far. Having an array of non-tracking tools in your practitioners toolbox is vitally important. Covering these strategies is essentially the crux of this course. You’ll leave with an expanded list of strategies, which you’ll be able to apply with your clients.

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Course Content Overview

  1. What is total health?
  2. What a ‘healthy diet’ actually does and achieves.
  3. The fundamental mechanisms behind why ‘diets’ achieve weight management/loss.
  4. Introduction to the Australian Dietary guidelines.
  5. How the basic mechanics of the Australian Dietary Guidelines promote total health and weight management
  6. How to use the framework of the Australian Dietary Guidelines to guide clients to better results.
  7. A series of practical non-tracking nutrition strategies that can be used to guide a wider array of clients. Expanding the flexibility, adaptability and effectiveness of a the ‘practitioners toolbox’.
  8. Scope of practice and when to refer out.

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