After completing the Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition you will become eligible to register with Sports Nutrition Australia as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist. As an Accredited Sports Nutritionist you become eligible to insure yourself for: Sports Nutrition Programming, Meal plans, and Supplement program for your clients. This is the only non dietetic pathway to become a Sports Nutritionist in Australia, please refer to the Body’s latest Insurance and Registration Position Statement for any more information.

Registration as a Sports Nutritionist is $360/year (paid as $30/month via direct debit), including complimentary online access to the MHS Client Management Program.

Continued education is extremely important however there are no extra CECs. It is our belief as our members it is our responsibility to keep you up to date with the content and actually receive something for your registration fees, and as such at Sports Nutrition Australia we invest in the future of its members, providing course refreshers to our members annually.

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Sports Nutrition Australia has over 4 Australian underwriting insurers that it uses for cover of its members, depending on the scope of their business activities. Unlike Fitness Australia, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strength & conditioning are all included activities in the insurance.

All insurance is assessed and awarded individually on a case by case instance, so no fixed quotes can be provided. The approximate beginning price for all Sports Nutritionists and PTs/Coaches (covering all training scope as well) starts around the $150/year mark for nutrition only and from $500/year for comprehensive training and nutrition policies.

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