This is an address to the former students of the Prep Coach Academy, and a public acknowledgment for Kyle Webber who created it and his choice to suspend the program and work with SNA in creating a program that meets current practicing standards.

To The Prep Coach Academy enrollees,

In the final quarter of 2018, a number of claims from season B shows resulted in the fitness industry, specifically comp prep coming under much more scrutiny from the state health ombudsman’s and insurance companies alike. This comes after fitness and fitness/nutrition-related claims have increased by over 1000% in the last 3-years.

As such a number of private educators were notified of these changes and advised of their obligations to paying customers moving forward under the new legislation and liability.

Kyle Webber chose to ensure that everyone going through his program would be afforded every opportunity to progress with relevant qualifications allowing them to practice in physique contest preparation. The standards for Physique Contest Preparation (that insurers recognise as ‘contest prep’ and not just nutrition or meal plans – this differentiation to the wording and cover is vital to understand) are being upheld and regulated by us at Sports Nutrition Australia and presently no other body. These standards have been set with feedback both from the state bodies and the insurers, and follow as:

Completion of an Applied Sports Nutrition Graduate Diploma (currently this is only offered via distance as Australia universities do not offer it yet) or a Ph.D. in Sports Nutrition (self-chosen independent research) Completion of the additional 12-month case study and practically focussed Contest Preparation Accreditation program.

Please note:

That other undergraduate programs (bachelors and certain masters) that are in human nutrition do not offer direct entry into the GDip program listed above, presently the only program within Australia that gains full credit access is the 4year Exercise Physiology Majoring in Biochemistry and Exercise Physiology (where there are only a handful of graduates within Australia of 11k Ex-Phys grads, with most majoring in cardiac or musculoskeletal). All other applied science bachelor programs will need to apply for credit in the Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition and then bridge into the GDip from there.

As mentioned above ‘Nutrition only’ programs do no offer scope of practice cover suitable for anything sports performance of body-composition related and cover basic healthy eating services for the general population. As these programs focus primarily on preventing chronic disease and improving health markers their cover and policies reflect this. Finally, the above criteria is the current minimum standard nominated. This nomination has come about because graduate levels of applied exercise and nutrition physiology, bioenergetics, biochemistry, and critical thinking is necessary for undertaking a client through a period of controlled starvation to dangerously low bodyfat levels.

We would like to thank Kyle for his cooperation and are pleased to offer the following to all who have participated in his program:

Free seminar attendance ($299 value)

$399 discounts (from full price) in the Certificate in Applied

Sports Nutrition

A further $500 discount for those enrolling in the 12-month practical Physique Preparation Accreditation program. We understand that this may be more time and financially expensive than some of you have budgeted for, which is completely normal and understandable. However these things have occurred for the benefit in the industry and a real positive is that we are ensuring that only those who are truly serious are entering into this space to practise and take another person’s health, wellbeing, and physiology on for a physique show.


Alex Thomas –Sports Nutrition Australia (President)

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