Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition

The Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition combines ISSN SNS Cert with Metabolic Health’s Screening System, case studies, and applied programming principles. This Qualification allows you to be recognised as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist and have full insurable scope of practise in Sports Nutrition to write meal plans. You’ll also have access to an existing network of allied health practitioners to connect with.

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Graduate Diploma in Performance Nutrition

The highest standard in Sports Nutrition qualification available in the country without completing a masters in dietetics and completing the SDA sports nutrition course at the AIS.

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Masters in Applied Sports Nutrition

The Masters in Applied Sports Nutrition is a program run through some of our partnered universities and institutes. The program requires completion of the graduate diploma for eligibility (even with an undergraduate degree in sports science in Australia). The program is a case study submission masters with a research review thesis, meaning your practise with clientele will be a component of the study.

This is the highest level of qualification for a Sports Nutritionist available.

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