Join the rest of the Fitness Professionals in Australia leading the way (Don’t get left behind!) with your clients and businesses success when You Become Accredited & Insured to Upsell Your Clients On a Sports Nutrition Service!

Become a FULLY INSURABLE SPORTS NUTRITIONIST in just 4-6 months and amplify your fitness career with the ONLY program in Australia that offers BOTH education and Registration eligibility in ONE certification

Find out of this is a career shift for you without spending tens of thousands of dollars and 3+ years on traditional university education models (although we don’t want to put you off uni, this can be done in conjunction with it). You can complete the education you need to meet the minimum requirements to Register as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist which is a far more superior business model than the traditional Face to Face or attempted Online PT models without Nutrition. Or if you are offering this then getting the relevant qualifications and insurance you need to legitimise what you are doing. 

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  • Become a valuable resource for your clients nutrition when you learn the real science behind it with this fully accredited sports nutrition course
  • Increase your income and make it far more secure than a location based business reliant on you training people by becoming nationally accredited AND legally insured to write meal plans with this course (which is the only legitimate entry level program for registration and insurance)
  • Move away from an online PT model that can’t function adequately without a nutrition service
  • Become legitimately Qualified and Insured if you are a coach/FitPro and already delivering these services – We want to help you become properly covered!
  • Study with the actual Professional Body that Professionals register with that regulates the industry and profession.

Start Practising as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist (providing meal plans, programs, checkins etc.) in just 4-6 months with Sports Nutrition Australia’s accredited & insured program.

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Expand Your Career Opportunities (or Your Income) with a Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition Than Today.

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