Covid-19 Update

The effects COVID-19 are far-reaching, to say the least. With new updates weekly and revisions on revisions to new laws and lockdowns – the globe is unsettled.

The physical effect this sickness will have on the people of Australia (especially the fitness & health communities) will be devastating. For those currently affected – our thoughts are with you in this trying time.

Regardless of what the world has experienced, however, out of a time of turmoil, the ones who press on reap the best rewards. It can sometimes seem selfish to look at these times of need and desperation as an opportunity but life has to move on. We all need to evolve through this – so why not evolve with your knowledge.

Here’s where we help

For the foreseeable future – a business that can run online – will prosper. With over 50,000 fitness professionals displace from their facilities, many have opted to go online with Skype and Google Hangout based services, which may work In the short term. The reality, however, is that one of the only sustainable ways to effectively maintain an online model in fitness, is to do so with a primarily nutrition focused checkin model.

With the coming isolation and stricter lockdowns, the population’s ability to consistently exercise will become increasingly more diminished (and for good reason), however they will still be eating every single day, and as a result a service that is able to encompass both the limited exercise and nutrition support (where professionals are duly registered and insured to be doing so) at an affordable level will be the solution in high demand.

Sports Nutrition service offerings are built for easy online access. A Sports Nutrition Certification is more than a piece of paper – It…

…is the front door to a community of like-minded professionals that bring an expert level of knowledge to their client services.

…gives you eligibility to be covered by our industry-leading insurers.

… is a means of transitioning your business and service offerings to be more bulletproof in these times.

As a solution to the massive displacement face-to-face trainers have experienced we are opening up enrolment places in our May intake and offering a 2-month pay nothing period (after the initial deposit is paid) on either of our fortnightly or monthly payment plans, while providing an immediate provisional student insurance policy for all current students to allow a time efficient transition into the online space, that can sustainably ensure them a new revenue stream through this period. ** We Will be doubling intake numbers to accommodate this, and have a strict application process to screen those eligible so please ensure all applications are legitimate and not taking advantage of the current climate.

Use the following link to access our business support videos in our private Facebook groups.

While we appreciate the value of Face to Face Training, it is worth acknowledging its limitations. Those who are able to adapt and act responsibly with speed in times of stress such as these are the ones who ensure their prosperity when these times are behind us.

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