Want to learn exactly what you need to know in order to help your clients achieve their weight loss/gain & body composition goals? Want to be legally covered for writing nutritional programs and meal plans?

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The Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition Program is the entry-level certification program offered by Sports Nutrition Australia, and it provides you with these, as well as the confidence in the advice you are providing to your clients for their goals.

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What’s the difference

The difference between Nutrition & Sports Nutrition in Australia is that except for Sports Nutrition Australia’s Certification, all current education is directed at the the clinical treatment and prevention of chronic disease. Subjects like the body’s metabolism, interventions for weight gain, weight loss, muscle gain, and muscle reduction aren’t covered in much detail if at all. Which is what the majority of coaches & exercise scientists/physiologists clients want to achieve…. and it’s not even being taught.

Not to mention which nutrients fuel specific activities or optimise recovery from others. Sports Nutrition is not just about sporting teams and athletes but covers everything you need to know to feel and change your, and your clients’ bodies composition for the better.

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Course Content Overview

  1. Biochemistry 1
  2. Nutrition 1
  3. Nutrition Physiology
  4. Exercise Physiology
  5. Applied Bioenergetics
  6. Ergogenic Aids + Sports Supplements
  7. Applied Performance Nutrition
  8. Applied Body Composition Nutrition
  9. Nutrition Health Risk Assessment + Medical Referral Pathways
  10. RED-S-Energy Availability
  11. Sports Nutrition Practise/Clinic (Service Provision)
  12. Business 101

Be a Registered and Insured Sports Nutritionist in Australia

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