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About The Program

Become an accredited contest prep coach through Sports Nutrition Australia!

If you’re passionate about coaching contest prep athletes, this program will enable you to be insured while implementing effective practice for physique-based sports. Learn the skills required to structure an evidence-based contest preparation. Content will include, but is not limited to: training & nutrition programming across all phases, peak week strategies, and the recovery process following a competition season.

At this stage there is no regulation surrounding best practice guidelines for physique sports, causing the use of ineffectual and potentially harmful preparation strategies. As a result, the goal of the program is to set an unprecedented standard for the safe and effective delivery of a contest preparation. Become confident in your knowledge and ability to deliver a structured plan which will not only achieve the desired outcome, but also prioritise the health and wellbeing of your client.

Who is the program for?

This program is specifically designed for coaches wanting to specialise in contest preparation and invest in their career. Learn the skillsets required to apply evidence-based coaching and achieve successful and predictable outcomes that will prioritise the health of your client. In addition, completing the course will provide you with the opporunity to be insured and practice while being covered for conducting these specific coaching and career activities. If you are not a coach but would like to learn more about contest preparation, we highly recommend you attend our live seminars or purchase a digital copy!

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If you want to experience a taste of what this course will entail then we highly recommend you tune into our live seminars! These seminars will be held across the country in July 2021 and will be delivered by Australia’s most highly renowned and evidence-based physique coaches. You can expect to learn from the best in the industry as they present on the specifics of competition prep, with detailed presentations diving into the separate phases of improvement seasons, pre-prep, comp prep, and recovery. These seminars are bound to educate the audience on the fundamentals of a contest preparation, and would benefit not only coaches but also athletes, judges, and namely anyone interested in evidence-based bodybuilding! These half-day seminars will be delivered in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth by industry-leading coaches Brandon Kempter, Joey Cantlin, Kyle Webber, Tyarra Nelson and Jack Radford-Smith (The Bodybuilding Dietitians), Alex Thomas, and multiple guests such as Jackson Peos. Click the link below to attend or pre-order to watch online!

Course Content

Improvement Season Phase

Training & nutrition programming for hypertrophy

Optimising metabolic capacity and energy availability

Minicut implementation

Mindset adjustment regarding nutrition and socialisation

Pre-Prep Phase

Achieving an optimal starting point (body composition) for the prep phase

Establishing an appropriate timeline and rate of loss to attain the desired conditioning

Development of habits and mindset associated with a preparation phase

Prep Phase

Training & nutrition programming specific for the preparation phase

Achieving stage conditioning

Maintenance of lean body mass

Retaining metabolic capacity and energy availability

Peak week strategies

Mindset & behaviour for competitors

Recovery Phase

Physical and mental recovery from the competitive season

RED-S & energy availability

Training & nutrition adjustments to optimise recovery

Mindset shift

Training Programming

Effective programming for all phases

Application of key principles – volume, intensity, progression

Implementation of deloads

Dietetic Considerations for Physique Athletes

Nutritional guidelines and considerations for physique athletes

Macronutrients and meal timing

Rate of gain, rate of loss

Ergogenic aids + sports supplements

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How many hours per week should I expect to contribute towards the course?

It is expected that you are able to dedicate approximately 4-6 hours of theory study per week. In addition, you will need to be consistent with your own practical training and nutrition protocols throughout the length of the course.

What are the prerequisites to be able to enrol in the course?

You must have completed a certificate with SNA and be currently ensured. Also, you must currently be enrolled in a undergraduate or post-graduate diploma.

What you can do after qualifying?

This qualification allows you to prepare clients within physique-based sport in any division or federation world-wide. You become eligible for a professional insurance policy which covers you specifically for bodybuilding coaching activities.

How is this course different to other online courses?

Upon passing and completing this course, it provides you with the opportunity to be insured and practice while being covered for conducting these specific coaching and career activities.

How do the seminars differ from the course itself?

The seminars are a broader and more introductory application of the content included in the course.

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